Email Marketing

Michigan Email Marketing Company

No online marketing tool is better at communicating consistently with your prospects and customers at a low cost than email. Email marketing can help retain customers, keep members informed, increase sales, fill seats, raise brand visibility and help grow your business or organization.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email is faster and more affordable than traditional direct mail or print advertising. You can send simple correspondence emails, invitations, confirmations, thank-you’s, advertisements, newsletters and much more. By providing relevant, valuable information and updates based on your customers’ interests, email can help build a lasting relationship between your brand and the customer.

Email Marketing Experts

Email marketing can be seen as a tactical and inexpensive way to reach prospects and customers and quickly increase sales or drive traffic to the website. But to work, email has to be done well. Content needs to be clear and compelling. Design needs to be visually appealing. Campaigns need to be personalized and relevant. Delivery needs to be timely and accurate. Results need to be thoroughly tracked and applied to future mailings – all of which is provided by FWD.

Email Marketing Done Well

For email marketing to be successful it has to be done well. It is important to not only know the demographics and possible interests of your audience, but also their behaviors and physical responses. An audience-based email strategy provides the basis for successful email design, content development, messaging and all the other elements of your email campaign.

Email Marketing Strategy

At FWD we work with you to develop a strategy that is specifically targeted towards your audience. From individual email messages to annual campaigns, our online email marketing strategy allows you to manage your audience mailing lists, design and build your campaigns, and track and measure your success.

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