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Brand Strategy and Brand Management in Michigan

We are a team of branding professionals that provide effective strategies to ensure the success of your brand.

Successful Branding

Every successful brand starts with a strategy. By developing a strategy based on market research, your brand will connect and engage your target audience more effectively.

  • Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Time-tested Proven Process
  • Experienced Brand Team
  • Research-based Approach
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Design to Implementation

Brand Positioning

A strategy ensures your brand works. Your brand should engage, motivate and influence by reaffirming your companies value. A firm understanding of your audience, competition and market provides the understanding necessary to position your brand strategically.

How your brand is perceived in digital space is extremely important. How do customers experience your brand digitally? How is it expressed as a social network or online application? How does it stay consistent across multiple devices and platforms? Brand consistency is crucial to maintaining accurate brand awareness. We work with you to develop an online brand strategy that accurately communicates your brand appeal through beautiful, functional, useful interfaces, digital experiences and clear, relevant content.

Your brand’s identity should be consistent on your website,
social media, emails, as well as all other mediums.

Brand Strategists

We bring our many years of branding experience and strategic thinking to our approach. We collaborate with you to ensure a strategy is built that establishes a unique competitive position in the marketplace for your brand.

Your Brand Strategy

Let’s discuss a strategy for your brand. Contact us at 248.632.1858 or email

An effective brand strategy defines the identity of your company and successfully communicates a strong, consistent message of value to your target audience. This message can be communicated in multiple ways using a variety of channels. It differentiates you from your competition and defines your company’s vision, promise and personality.

Reaching full business potential means fully aligning and integrating the brand value with all aspects of business operations — from marketing to behaviors and processes. FWD aligns your brand’s marketing and processes with your brand value to maintain a strong, credible and influential brand.

Do you accurately & consistently express your brand’s value to your audience?

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